#Femvertising Awards Celebrates Ads That Empower Women

Statistics show that 85 percent of women are consumers, and it seems that in the past year advertisers have taken note. Ads are beginning to present products, especially those for women, in a more realistic way. This year's Cannes Lion festival highlighted this with the new Glass Lion award which honored empowering ads that fight gender stereotypes.

During the 2015 BlogHer conference in New York City, the #Femvertising Awards took place and followed suit. SheKnows Media is a women's lifestyle digital media company that's behind the #Femvertising Awards and #BlogHer15, reports Fortune. Samantha Skey, the company's chief revenue and marketing officer, shared a few words: "Advertisers have a responsibility to shape the conversation. As a women-focused company, we felt we had an opportunity to encourage a more positive discussion in the media."

Over 60 nominations were submitted from organizations like Adweek, Pinterest, Huffington Post, and others. After the ads were posted to the #Femvertising site, people could vote on their favorite ones. Categories were divided by humor, inspiration, next generation, and social impact. 

Take a look at the winning ads below: 

Humor | First Moon Party, HelloFlo/Always


Inspiration | Courage Inside, Ram Trucks

Next Generation | Like a Girl, Always


Social Impact | Speak Beautiful, Dove/Twitter


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