This Fifth Grade Girl Just Shared the Ultimate Rules of Consent

Zoe said she was done with the nonsense and wrote a letter for a classmate named Noah who wouldn't leave her alone.

@WhosDenverJones received a photo of Zoe’s consent list from her friend, who is a teacher, and shared it on Twitter.

Zoe's ultimate rules of consent are:

  1. Do not touch my shoulder
  2. Do not get behind me with all that playing + foolishness. (Don't get behind me at all)
  3. Do not speak to me unless its a greeting, which will be never
  4. Stop playing with me on the bus
  5. I have a short temper with people and you ruin my day because you play 2 much
  6. Reread 500 times
  7. You like me (as a gf) but I don't like you (as a bf) I'm 2 young! 

Thanks, Zoe, for laying down the law with these rules. Here's hoping all boys take note.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images