First-Ever Girls' Baseball Team to Compete in 2016 MLB All-Star Classic

Making strides toward gender inclusion in sports, Major League Baseball (MLB) is set to announce the Pawtucket Slaterettes as the first-ever all-girls baseball team to compete in the 2016 MLB All-Star Youth Classic.

Founded in 1973 after 9-year-old Alison Fortin was not allowed to play with the boys on her Little League Baseball team, the Darlington Pioneers (later turned Slaterettes league) prides itself on "giving girls and women [ages 4 to 55] a chance to get in the game."

This mission is very similar to vice president of MLB youth programs, David James' efforts to give more opportunities to girls in order to encourage their participation in the sport.

"Most of these girls have never played against boys," Sarah Feeley, a Slaterettes league coach, told ESPN of the twelve girls scheduled to make the trip to San Diego on July 8-11. "But a lot of them don't think, 'We're playing against boys.'" Feeley added, "They think, 'We're playing baseball.'"

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Photo Credit: Getty Images