The First-Ever Muslim Modeling Agency Is Advocating for Modest Beauty and Fashion

Since 2004, Nailah Lymus has been designing clothing and accessories to fulfill her passion for fashion. After showing her work at 2014's New York City Fashion Week and getting her name out there in various other ways, Lymus decided to take it a step further.

With the mission to combine modesty with her fashion and design skills, she founded UNDERWRAPS Agency about five years ago, which is the first Muslim and modest female modeling agency.

"There is a lot of attention on Muslim women wearing hijabs [right now]," Lymus told Refinery29. "We're seeing covered women in articles, magazines, campaigns, and ads. That's had a huge, positive impact on the business."

In the process of continuing the exposure for Muslim and modest women, Lymus hopes to eliminate stereotypes, break down barriers, and see more hijabis in photos.

"People think Muslim women only wear black burqas and walk behind their husbands... That might represent some Muslim women — but that's not what all Muslim women are."

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Photo Credit: Noam Galai/Getty Images