First Female Infantry in History Join Marine Corps

Thursday was a milestone for the Marine Corps, as the first three female infantry joined the forces.

The women will serve in the following special divisions: rifleman (riflewoman), machine gunner, and mortar. Their additions are a noteworthy contrast to a 2016 Washington Post survey that stated that two out of three male Marines and one out of three female Marines were opposed to opening all combat jobs to women.

Not to mention, according to 1st Lt. John McCombs, a Marine spokesman, the battalion they joined has a team of female leaders to support the female infantry Marines. This is because in March, a plan was approved for the Marine Corps to encourage women to join military occupational specialties that had previously been restricted to only men. 

Only time will tell what will happen with military gender integration efforts with President-elect Donald Trump's incoming administration. 

"As we continue to move forward, we remain steadfast in our commitment to ensure that the men and women who earn the title 'Marine' will be ready, and will provide America with an elite crisis-response force that is ready to fight and win," Capt. Philip Kulczewski said.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images