Taiwan Could Have Their First Female Leader

In Taiwan, both of its largest political parties have nominated women to run for their next presidential election. This means that the country is poised to make history by having its first female president, reported The Guardian.

Hung Hsui-chu, a former teacher and nicknamed "Little Hot Pepper" due to her fiery style, was officially selected for the ruling Nationalist party (KMT). Tsai Ing-wen will represent the Democratic Progressive party, where she is currently the chairwoman. 

While Tsai was in Washington in June, she said, "Taiwanese people are faced with a very serious test next year – that is whether we are advanced and civilized enough to accept a woman leader."

Hung also commented to reporters on Taiwan's potentially historic presidential election: "I hope this battle between two women will bring forth a whole new understanding and set an example of true democracy."

If either female candidate is elected, they'll be joining Thailand, the Philippines and South Korea with Asian nations who've had female leaders.

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Photographed: Hung Hsui-chu; Photo by: SAM YEH/AFP/Getty Images