These Two 24 Year Olds Are the First Full-Time Female Hires in NCAA Division I Hockey Coaching History

Two 24-year-old hockey fanatics were hired as the first full-time female employees on N.C.A.A. Division I men's hockey coaching staff.

Brittany Miller and Theresa Feaster were hired by their Alma maters: Miller by Boston University and Feaster by Providence College.

Feaster said that the N.H.L. draft in 2012, where the Calgary Flames (a team her father was the general manager of) selected two players who ended up at Providence, convinced her she wanted to have a career in hockey. Feaster, a then junior undergrad student asked coach Nate Leaman of the Friars to volunteer, quickly making a lasting impression that led to her full-time hire by October.

Miller played competitive hockey in high school and became a manager for the B.U. hockey team upon entering undergrad. She was approached by the team's coach and school's athletic director while finishing up her master's degree asking if she would consider a full-time role. She eagerly took the job.

"They trust me to do a good job," Miller told The New York Times. "They know that I can do this job just as good if not better than any guy."

The two knew of each other but officially met at the Hockey East Association, where both the schools compete.

"It's nice to have someone else who worked hard as a manager and proved herself to her coaching staff," Miller told The New York Times. "It shows that Hockey East is really moving forward in hiring females."

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