Meet the First Woman in China to Win a Nobel Prize

Tu Youyou became the first woman in China to win a Nobel Prize in one of the sciences.

The 84 year old also became the first women to win any Nobel Prize, according to TIME.

Youyou helped find an anti-malaria medicine from an ancient remedy.

TIME reports that Youyou and her team conducted research on sweet wormwood — a remedy cited originally in a Chinese text by the 4th Century pharmacist Ge Hong.

Her and her team found that a compound extracted from the wormwood was effective in treating malaria.

"The successful finding of artemisinin is the collective achievement of the research team, and it is a collective honor for all Chinese scientists," Youyou said, according to TIME"It indicates that the research science of the Chinese traditional medicine have won high attention from the internal science community. It is an honor for China and also an honor for Chinese scientists."

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Photo Credit: Xinhua News Agency via Getty Images