Football Star Sam Gordon is Back on the Field

Football Star Sam Gordon is Back on the Field


Jul 29, 2014

Football star Sam Gordon is back on the field, trying out for youth tackle football after spending the last year focusing on soccer. "She made the state soccer Olympic Development Program and feels good about where she is at in soccer," her dad, Brent Gordon, told Huffington Post. Naturally when one sport is mastered, she starts working on a different one.

To prepare for try-outs (which started yesterday), Sam attended University of Michigan's football camp, playing in bright yellow cleats. She ran her hardest when Michigan's Head Coach Hoke oversaw the drills. "I went so fast that I caught up to the guy in front of me," she said in her video. Sam was the only girl at the camp, and one of the younger players. She's now entering sixth grade and stands 4-foot-2.

In addition to playing soccer, Sam spent some of her off time adding to her YouTube channel with agility drills and a character-filled room tour. Look for MAKERS at 00:36!

We can't wait to watch Sam's next highlight reel after she plays this coming season. For now, we're still inspired by the charisma and confidence we saw at the MAKERS Conference. See for yourself:

Photo credit: Top Drawer Soccer


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