MAKERS' Exclusive Q&A With "Friends" Executive Producer On Feminist Moments, the Show's Anniversary, and More

The beloved sitcom "Friends" turned 22 in September.

To celebrate, MAKERS is featuring a special Q&A about the iconic '90s show. From Pheobe's show-stopping performance of her song, "Smelly Cat," to Joey's seemingly endless "How you doin?" lines, we asked the show's executive producer Kevin Bright to highlight for MAKERS some of his favorite feminist moments.

Take an even closer look at "Friends" in the Q&A below.

Q: Were there any feminist-related goals when it came to writing "Friends"?
A: Marta Kauffman, as one of the shows creators, was determined to have women be seen as both sexually and professionally liberated on the show.

Q: If the show was made in 2016, would there be any changes you would make to the female roles?
A: They would be texting, tweeting, and emailing, which they did not do much. But, they still would be fighting for equal pay and women's rights. Technology changes faster ‎than society.

Q: What is one of your favorite feminist moments in "Friends"?
A: Monica sleeping with a guy on a first date in the pilot episode. It worrie‎d NBC so much that they took a survey from the pilot audience to see if they hated Monica for her "slutty" behavior. Good thing we had the right audience. I think Monica is the first one-nighter of a main female character on a sitcom.

Inspired by a Huffington Post article, we're also sharing some other favorite feminist "Friends" moments:

1. Rachel left her husband-to-be at the altar and ran off to New York City.

2. Monica considered a sperm bank so she can raise a baby on her own.

3. Rachel found out she was cheated on with her friend Mindy, and they teamed up against her ex, Barry.

4. Monica was absolutely better than everyone at football, and wasn't afraid to show it either.

5. Rachel turned Ross down and chose to be a single mom.

6. Monica proposed to Chandler

7. Phoebe introduced a feminist, empowering book titled, "Be Your Own Wind-Keeper."

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