You Need to See This New Game Developer Barbie

 If you can see it, can you be it?

It's no secret that Mattel has been rebranding Barbie through a selection of new doll shapes, skin colors, and ensembles. But their latest career doll is giving us all the feels.

She's a game developer sporting glasses, a green jacket, headphones, jeans, and a computer featuring "real game code graphics."

The tech website CNET calls the new Barbie "cool and capable."

Molly Proffitt, CEO of Ker-Chunk Games, LLC., offered guidance to Mattel to ensure the new doll represents what a woman in tech could look like.

"I really know that girls need an icon that shows that they can be a part of the [tech] space and Barbie does that. She has power to tell girls they can be makers and builders," Proffitt said in an interview.

According to a report by the International Game Developers Association in 2014, only 22 percent of more than 2,200 developers surveyed were women. Can the new game developer Barbie show girls they can be in STEM fields? Share your thoughts with us by tweeting @MAKERSwomen.

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Photo Credit: Roberto Serra - Iguana Press/Getty Images