Being a Mom Will Cost You in These Countries

A new report released by Glassdoor and Llewellyn Consulting examined the effect of the gender pay gap after women have children in 17 European countries and the United States.

The results?

Women in Ireland pay the biggest price for motherhood out of the nations studied. Their pay dropped by 31 percentage points if they have a child. In Italy, Spain, and Belgium, the cost of being a mom is slight compared to their gender pay gap — their pay worsened just 3 percentage points or less.

The United States ranked right in the middle of the nations studied, but was the fifth worst nation for motherhood costs.

The report likened the cost of motherhood to demanding "social and family structures." Sweden, Norway, and Finland ranked the best in achieving gender equality, mostly due to their gender parity — having almost the same amount of men as women well-represented in the workforce.

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