Germaine Greer: It's Very Important That Feminism Is Not Defined, That It's Allowed to Grow

By Danica Lo

Roxane Gay, Germaine Greer, and Elizabeth Gilbert convened for a panel at the All About Women festival in Sydney this past Sunday, International Women's Day.

I don't have a whole lot to say about this video clip, above, featuring the three luminaries, except that it's an inspiring must-watch.

One of my favorite parts is when Greer says: "If you define something you limit it, you actually straitjacket it. It's very important that feminism is not defined, that it's allowed to grow and be organic. We should also consider whether we can put any real meaning into the word equality. What with? With the current state of men? With the corporate society we live in, which is unjust to everybody in it? Equality is OK because everybody thinks they understand it, but in fact nobody does understand it."

If you have some time today, check out the entire panel talk (it's about an hour):

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