German Chancellor Angela Merkel Calls for Ban On Full-Face Veils

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for a ban on full-face veils on Tuesday, saying she'll protect Germany against future refugee waves, Bloomberg reports.

Reaching out to critics of her liberal migration policy, she asked a convention of her Christian Democratic Union to back her bid for a fourth term.

"We show our faces," Merkel said on Tuesday. "Full-face covering is not appropriate with us — it should be banned."

She referenced the 890,000 asylum seekers who entered the country in 2015, saying it "should never be repeated.”

After receiving heavy criticism for more than a year on her open-borders position on refugees, Merkel also told delegates that deciding to run again wasn't "a trivial decision."

"We reject full covering. We want to ban it using all legal possibilities, just as we do for under-age marriage."

At the same time, Merkel reinforces that she wants Germany to be "a tolerant, diverse country that's open to the world and compassionate toward people truly in need of shelter."

Bans on full-face veils began growing when France became the first country to implement the law in 2011. Following suit were similar laws established by Belgium, Bulgaria, and parts of Switzerland, according to The Independent.

Merkel ran unopposed for a new term leading the CDU, who first elected her chairwoman in 2000. 

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