German Trains to Offer "Women and Children Only" Train Cars

Germany just joined a handful of nations like India, Egypt, and Mexico offering segregated train cars for men and women.

Recently a German train operator announced that two of their trains lines, the German Regionbahn Leipzig and Chemitz lines, would provide special "women and children only" segregated cars throughout their regional train service.

The company stated that their announcement is not related to Germany's recent influx in sexual assault and harassment claims. Most recently on New Year's Eve, a mass mob of reportedly North African and Arab men were accused of sexually assaulting women in Cologne. The issue has been a divisive one, with many leaders fearful of fueling anti-refugee sentiment. But the mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker,  warned the city's women by telling them to "keep yourselves at a safe arms-length" from migrant men.

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Photo Credit: Johannes Simon/Getty Images