Get Ready to Flip Out Over This Groundbreaking LSU Gymnast

The NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championship is underway, and the spotlight is on LSU senior Lloimincia Hall. Throughout her college career she’s received seven perfect 10s and is currently the country’s number one gymnast for floor routine, reports CBS News. On the road to success, she’s been doing things her way.

Instead of performing back tucks and split leaps to classical music or elevator electronic, Hall's floor routines are set to soul, gospel, funk, and R&B music. She credits her out-of-the-box performances for her high scores: “The judges, that’s kind of what they’re looking for. Someone to break the shell and not be the traditional floor routine,” she says.

And it's not just the judges. Videos of Hall's routines have gone viral online, with one performance set to Earth Wind & Fire's "September" garnering over a million of views on YouTube. Coach D-D Breaux praises Hall for her ability to bring the house down every time she steps on the floor. “She has taken her performance to the next level,” Breaux says. “She’s taken it to the entertainment level, the athletic level, the pleasing sport level, she does it like nobody else is doing it.”

Aside from flipping the sport on its head, Hall also proves that gymnasts don't have to fit any mold in order to be successful. "A traditional gymnast is very skinny, much more of a graceful aspect," she told CBS. “I’m not the typical thing, so what? Let’s have some fun.”


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