Ginella Massa Is the First News Anchor to Wear a Hijab in Canada

Ginella Massa, a television reporter in Canada, has become the country's first hijab-wearing news anchor.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, she has joined CityNews network as the 11pm anchor in Toronto.

"That's a wrap! Thankful to have opportunities like this at a time when there is so much hate and vilifying of Muslims," Massa wrote on Twitter.

Massa has received a lot of backlash online with her first hijab-wearing anchor gig. She says it shouldn’t be a big deal, but it has become one in the wake of Donald Trump's U.S. presidential win.

"I do worry for my friends and my family in the States. I worry about traveling through the States," Massa said"There's a fear that we will go backwards, that we have made so many strides in terms of acceptance and tolerance and understanding each other. It's scary to think that all of that can be undone."

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter