A Girls’ Soccer Team Joined the Boys’ League - And Won The Championship

AEM Lleida, an amateur Girls' Soccer Club in Spain, joined the Boys' Junior Regional League back in 2014. After finishing 12th place in an 18-team league in their first season, this year - the girls came prepared to dominate. On April 25th, 13 year-old Andrea Gómez, the team's top scorer, scored the winning goal of the season, securing the Championship title.

"I always try to show that soccer isn't just for boys," Gómez told The New York Times. "If you're technically better, you can compensate for being perhaps physically weaker."

In Spain, women's soccer isn't highly recognized. That said, the first Women's World Cup appearance was only just in 2015 but now AEM is set on changing that.

With the Spanish Soccer Federation providing little support for girls' soccer, AEM officials are hoping to start a crowdfunding campaign, aiming to raise $10,000 for its girls' coaching program, coming off their big win.

Although some parents first contemplated entering their daughters into a boys championship, they now are their biggest cheerleaders.

"I delayed as long as possible because I was afraid that she would get hurt by the boys," Ana Maria Biela, mother of winning team member, Cristina, said. "She kept answering that she could also hurt boys."

Parents were singing a different tune as the fearless girls celebrated their big victory to the blaring tune of "We Are the Champions."

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Photo Credit: Facebook/ The Catrinka Project