Girls Auto Clinic: A Place to Get Your Brakes Fixed and a Pedicure

In the mechanic industry, female customers are often taken advantage of because of stereotypes or lack of car knowledge. But Patrice Banks has changed that with a female-focused auto-shop with the goal of empowering women to pop their hoods and get under their cars.

Girls Auto Clinic is a two-in-one business: an auto repair shop and salon. While you get your car fixed by Banks and her other female mechanics, you can also get a manicure, pedicure, or a blowout.

"That's what I wanted it to be like, a clubhouse for women, where you can just come and hang out and be around some other dope chicks," she shared with

Banks quit her day job as a materials engineer to become an auto mechanic and was the only woman in her program at Delaware Technical Community College.

She mentioned the career change was initially intimidating but it's important that women also know how to do things like checking the oil and changing the air filter.

"What Sheryl Sandberg says about leaning in, or sitting at the table, I saw myself falling back because I was intimidated. So I had to make that switch. And when I did, you couldn't tell me anything," Banks said.

She also runs a free monthly car clinic for women and has a book coming out in 2017 on the Girls Auto Clinic.

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