Giving Thanks: Celebrate Thanksgiving With MAKERS

The three words (okay, phrases) MAKER and U.S. CTO Megan Smith would use to describe herself are "change agent, all over the map, and thankful." Those might also be apt descriptions for all our MAKERS as a whole. 

Especially as Thanksgiving rolls around, we're feeling grateful for the group of extraordinary women we get to hang out with on a daily basis, and thankful to have such support from our community, both online and off. 

As you celebrate Thanksgiving with your family, know that MAKERS is thankful for your support. To hear what some of our MAKERS are thankful for, click through the gallery above. And don't forget to share with us on social why you are thankful.

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7 Quotes From Empowering Women That are Perfect for Thanksgiving

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Hillary Clinton on her family "I feel incredibly grateful to my parents, the way they raised me, their expectations for me. My father had been a football player in college, kind of a rough and tumble sort of a guy, but he was just as supportive of my aspirations as of my brother’s, and my mother wanted to see her daughter have every opportunity available. She encouraged me to go as far as I could go." Photo Credit: MAKERS

Ruth Bader Ginsburg on her late husband, Marty "At every stage of our life, Marty has been not simply in my corner. When I got my first good job in DC at the U.S. Court of Appeals, so many people thought I was commuting back and forth from New York. They couldn’t imagine that Marty would have left his very successful practice in New York to come to Washington D.C. He was a remarkable man, he was so comfortable about himself that he never regarded me as being any kind of threat." Photo Credit: MAKERS

Joan Rivers on Lenny Bruce "I was bombing one night in the Bitter End and Lenny Bruce sent me a note backstage that said "You're right. They'e wrong." And I kept it with me in my bra. You would just be bombing. It hurts. I well up just thinking about it. I wouldn't be sitting here if Lenny hadn't said that." Photo Credit: MAKERS

Lena Dunham on her relationship with Nora Ephron "Nora Ephron sent me an email about my movie. We were friends for about two years. Our relationship is something I cherish to this day and always will. When she died I was so amazed by how so many women felt that way about her. The fact that she was able to be a mother, a wife, a director, a writer and a caring supportive friend to so many people, was such an inspiration."  Photo Credit: MAKERS

Margaret Cho on her family's sense of humor "My family has a great sense of humor. My father has the ability to be funny in English and Korean. My mom is actually losing her ability to speak English. When I was a kid I'd always make fun of my mom and years later I would do it in my performance and people would really respond to it. The awkwardness of being an immigrant." Photo Credit: MAKERS

Nadine Burke Harris on her mother "I give a lot of credit to my mother. She is a total powerhouse. The first woman in Kingston to have her own car, she had a little convertible that she would drive around, she taught my dad how to drive…my mom always said, ‘Have your own career, do what you want to do, you can do anything,’ and she also lived that out." Photo Credit: MAKERS

Marlen Esparza on boxing "I think my strength comes from the love I have for the sport. I appreciate the sport, and I understand it, and I love it…when you love something like a person, or a job, or whatever you’re into, you go above and beyond for it. And I think that’s why I’m so good at it, because I love it so much, and I appreciate it, so it’s in my heart. It makes me try harder and it makes me do better." Photo Credit: WNYC