This Feminist Icon Stars Alongside Anna Kendrick in a Kate Spade Ad

Anna Kendrick has been starring in a video series of ads for Kate Spade.

In this video, she pays a visit to the famous Russian Tea Room in New York City and is surprised to find a woman already sitting at her usual table. 

Cut to a few minutes Kendrick dining alone while making conversation with her little Kate Spade gnome purse. Then finally, the video gets a happy ending when Gloria Steinem reveals herself while she casually approaches an awe-struck Kendrick. You can watch the full video below. 

Steinem also did two separate videos filmed by Kate Spade. She discusses the power of dining alone and how it wasn't always easy for women to do so in the past. In another video interview for the brand, she also discusses her thoughts on being an author. You can watch those additional videos below. 

Get to know groundbreaking feminist activist Gloria Steinem in her MAKERS story at the top of the page, and in her exclusive MAKERS profile.

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