These are Some of Gloria Steinem's Favorite Feminist Books

These are Some of Gloria Steinem's Favorite Feminist Books


Nov 3, 2015

Fresh off a book tour for her new memoir "My Life on the Road," feminist pioneer and MAKER Gloria Steinem chatted with The New York Times about her favorite books.

Check out some of her best picks below.

On her favorite novels
"About this country, 'The Color Purple,' by Alice Walker. It has all the philosophical depth of any great novel, yet because it uses the language of country people, translators in, say, China and Japan had to honor the language of their own country people."

On who she considers the best contemporary feminist writers
"Best is comparative; unique is the point." Steinem notes a substantial number of women (living and deceased) including MAKERS Alice Walker, Beverly Guy-Sheftall, and Lena Dunham.

On the best books of feminist ever written
For fueling this diverse and global movement, I think first of anthologies: Robin Morgan's "Sisterhood Is Powerful," then "Sisterhood Is Global," and later, "Sisterhood Is Forever"; "All the Women Are White, All the Blacks Are Men, but Some of Us Are Brave," by Barbara Smith and others; and Gloria Anzaldua and Cherríe Moraga's "This Bridge Called My Back."

On the last book that made her laugh
"Bossypants," by Tina Fey.

Read the full Q&A here.

Watch Steinem discuss the women's movement in her exclusive MAKERS video above. Check out her full MAKERS story here.

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