Here's What Feminist Activist Gloria Steinem Had to Say About Sexism in Politics

Here's What Feminist Activist Gloria Steinem Had to Say About Sexism in Politics


Aug 19, 2016

"The voting booth is the only place on Earth where the least powerful and the most powerful are equal," feminist activist Gloria Steinem told Katie Couric on Yahoo! News Wednesday in a discussion about politics.

In their conversation, Steinem opened up about what the Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump election means for our nation and for all females in power.

"The image of a woman wanting power obscures the reality of the unique individual and all of her experiences," Steinem said about the criticism Clinton has faced from the nation — particularly from Trump, whom Steinem deems "a bully."

"When she's in an office — whether in the U.S. Senate or Secretary of State — she gets very high ratings. It's when she dares to aspire to something higher, and then they plummet," Steinem told Couric, believing that Clinton's seemingly low polls prove one thing: "Women are not supposed to aspire for more."

This notion, one that is certainly not new, continues to feed the cycles of sexism and racism that have manifested itself in our society.

"I think the idea of a woman's role is so big in our childhood, because most of us have been raised by women as small children and we associate female power with childhood," Steinem — who is unbothered by Clinton's email charges and equally as uninterested in Trump — continues. "When [men] see a powerful women... I think they feel regressed, because the last time they saw one they were 10. And so they feel threatened, without being conscious of it."

Watch Gloria Steinem's full conversation with Katie Couric below.

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Photo Credit: REUTERS/Fred Prouser

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