Everything You Need to Know About the New Amazon Series "Good Girls Revolt"

In 1970, a group of women at Newsweek sued their employers for gender discrimination. Today, Amazon studios takes the case to a "Mad Men" level — tying workplace gender roles and women's rights into the new show, "The Good Girls Revolt."

The 10-part series illuminates the realities of journalism in the '60s. In the times of the Vietnam War, counterculture, and Civil Rights movement, men got the stories, and women did the leg-work — tons of tedious research.

Playing off of Newsweek, the fictitious magazine is appropriately named, News of the Week.

Late MAKER Nora Ephron was one of those who worked at Newsweek. The writer and director is played by Grace Gummer, and depicted as strong-willed, challenging her boss who insists, "Girls do not do rewrites.”

The series is based on MAKER and journalist Lynn Povich's book about her time at Newsweek. She started out as a secretary in the magazine's Paris bureau.

"The fact that we at Newsweek were the first women to organize and decide to change the system from within was an important piece of history," Povich said. "I felt, for people of a younger generation to understand what it was like for women then and how we managed to change things and inspire other women in the media to do the same."

"The series is really about awakening, coming into your own voice, and seeing that you have a right to make demands and pursue your dreams," says Dana Calvo, the show's creator.

"The Good Girls Revolt" premieres Friday on Amazon. Be sure to check out Povich's exclusive MAKERS story in the video player above.

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