Good News: Female Self-Made Billionaires Are On the Rise

According to the results of the 2015-2016 Billionaire Census conducted by Wealth-X, male billionaires are increasing at a much faster rate than female ones.

But, while the gender gap between billionaires continues to increase and women are still more likely to inherit their wealth compared to men, the percentage of female billionaires around the world who have not inherited and instead become innovators has increased significantly in the last year.

With a mixed outcome of both positives and negatives for women, here are 4 of the most noteworthy facts from the census about billionaires around the world:

1. Gender gap is widening amongst male and female billionaires
"There are now 8.4 male billionaires for every female billionaire."

2. Fewer female billionaires are married than male billionaires
"Marriage rate is also much lower for women as 62 percent of female billionaires are married compared with 88% of their male counterparts."

3. Average age of female billionaires has gone up
"The average age of male billionaires decreased by 0.6 years to 63.2 in 2015, while the age of female billionaires increased by 0.9 years to 62.2."

4. "Female billionaires are increasingly entrepreneurial"
"Number of female billionaires who inherited their wealth dropped significantly in 2015 — 56 percent of female billionaires inherited their wealth compared with 65.4 percent in 2014."

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Photo Credit: Brand New Images via Getty Images