Gov. Cuomo Proposes Amending New York State's Constitution to Include Roe v. Wade

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo proposed a constitutional amendment on Monday codifying Roe v. Wade into the New York State Constitution.

In the press release issued by the New York government, Cuomo stated that the amendment "would enshrine that state shall protect the rights established by Roe v. Wade regardless of what happens at the federal level."

The announcement was made at the "I Stand with Planned Parenthood" rally and Family Planning Advocates' Day of Action.

"Our rights are under attack in Washington and as they seek to limit women's rights, we in New York seek to protect them," Gov. Cuomo said. "As they pull on women's rights, we're going to push back on women's rights."

Draped in a pink scarf and standing behind a pink podium, he continued:

"We're going to protect the women's right to choose in the state of New York and let's put it on the ballot and let's let the people decide because this is still a democracy and New Yorkers want to protect a women's right to choose."

Gov. Cuomo is adding this amendment to a series of previous actions dubbed "New York's Promise to Women: Ever Upward."

Over the last two years he has made a lasting impact, signing the "Enough is Enough Act," that prohibits sexual harassment in the workplace regardless of the size of the employer. He has also worked to end pregnancy discrimination and established the longest and most comprehensive paid family leave program in the nation. He also raised the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Now he's taking responsibility and action to secure reproductive health for women, with plans involving providing coverage for all contraceptive drugs and devices regardless of the future of the Affordable Care act as well as provided coverage for abortion service.

In the forty years since the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, it has been upheld stating that the United States Constitution protects the right of a woman to choose to terminate her pregnancy prior to fetal viability or throughout pregnancy when it is necessary to preserve her life or health.

"We will not allow the progress of the women's movement to be stopped, and we must seize this opportunity to bring the state and the nation forward and stand up for women's health. Make no mistake, we will always protect the right to choose in New York," Gov. Cuomo said.

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