Graphic Designer Redesigns "Girls' Life" Magazine Cover to Shed Light On Sexism

Graphic Designer Redesigns "Girls' Life" Magazine Cover to Shed Light On Sexism


Sep 21, 2016

When Matt Frye's photograph emerged of two issues of a "Girls' Life" and a "Boys' Life" magazine standing side by side on a newsstand, the public responded with outrage.

Among the most recent reactions to the picture was a simple "No" on Instagram from the one and only Amy Schumer, sparking further dismay from fans and other celebrities who were equally as upset.



A photo posted by @amyschumer on

But before Schumer, and later Blake Lively, responded to the obvious issues with these magazine issues, graphic designer Katherine Young had an incredible solution — fix the problem.

Using her talent to show "Girls' Life" magazine what they really [probably, most likely, and hopefully] meant to say on the cover, her recreation was impeccable.

Young replaced the original cover girl with the 2015 Google Science Fair Grand Prize winner, Olivia Hallisey, and instead of teaching girls to dream of perfect hair while boys are taught to explore their future, her version of the magazine urges girls to find their dream career, study hard, and enroll in AP classes.

I think we know which issue we'd buy.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Katherine Young, Matt Frye

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