This Group of Female Marines Is Fighting to End Misogyny

In an open letter "to our fellow Marines, and our sisters in arms," Marines and Marine veterans have launched a new group that is taking action to end misogyny in the Marine Corps.

Following the leaked nude photographs of women in service by their male colleagues in a Facebook group called "Marines United," another Facebook group called "Actionable Change" — containing over 500 members and founded by Lt. Col. Ann Bernard — is determined to fight back.

Stating in a letter, co-signed by nearly 100 persons (with some ranked as high as colonels), the group will "lead from the front" when it comes to ending misogyny, bashing the service for allowing "a culture where women are devalued, demeaned, and their contributions diminished."

Right now, the group is closed to men.

The group has set clear goals which include increasing the percentage and representation of women in the Marine Corps from 7 percent to 20 percent, creating better integration in the military, making revenge porn illegal in the military, and more. The group is using firsthand stories from female Marines as a part of a first-step solution program, The Washington Post reports.

"In a culture that prizes masculinity, it is easy to mistake barbarism for strength. Brutality for power. Savagery for ferocity," the letter said. "Yet we respectfully disagree with the notion that to fight and win our nation’s battles, we must preserve an institution where men are permitted or even expected to behave like animals, and women trespass at their peril."

Read the full letter here:

Actionable Change by Dan Lamothe on Scribd

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