16 Halloween Costume Ideas for Pregnant Women

Off the bat, being pregnant on Halloween might sound like a costume hindrance. That ghost costume automatically becomes a pregnant ghost and that witch, well, she's expecting a baby witch, too. But really, a baby bump can be an amazing costume opportunity if you build your costume around it. Don't try to hide your bump — flaunt it, and make it a pivotal part of your disguise. With a little creativity, a bump can transform into a basketball, a pot of honey, and even a wrecking ball for Miley Cyrus to ride on.

Here, 18 costume ideas for moms-to-be.

1. Construction worker
Extra points for a cheeky "Baby Depot" sign.

2. Gumball machine
And make it a little suggestive with dad-to-be as a quarter.

3. Winnie the Pooh
You already have the honey belly!


#winniethepooh #halloween #pregnant #costume #pregnantcostume

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4. Udder-ly cute cow
Though this might hit a little too close to home once baby comes along.

5. Thing 1 and Thing 2
Your baby will appreciate this costume one day.

6. Basketball player
But just don't try to pass or dribble.


Didn't have to many options... #halloween #pregnantcostume #fml

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7. Mama bird
Turn your bump into a beautiful bird's egg—and sit on it all night long.

8. Beer belly
Just let that bump hang out — and draw on a beard and happy trail.


Beer belly

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9. Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball"
She came in like a wreeeecking balllll.

10. Jail baby
Locked up for nine long months!


9 hard months served! #princessbiani #timetocomeout #halloweenmakeup #terrareneemakeup #pregnantcostume #maternitycostume

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11. Mummy mommy
All it takes is a roll of toilet paper and Sharpies.

12. Mama kangaroo
With a little Joey in your pouch.

13. Cat and a ball of yarn
You know you have cat ears sitting around the house.


Austen's first Halloween costume... Yarn ball 

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14. Avocado
Your bump makes the perfect pit!


Guacamole is always extra.

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15. Treasure troll
A bedazzled baby bump is a great baby bump.


I'm a Treasure Troll!! #CHLCostumeBattle #TeamCorporate #treasuretroll #dueinmay #maternitycostume

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16. Zombie baby
Not for the faint of heart...


Halloween shirt I made for this preggers lady @jaimariev  #halloween2015 #costume #pregnantcostume #trickortreat

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