Hamilton Acknowledges and Honors International Women's Day By Donating Night's Salary

Broadway's "Hamilton" cast honored International Women's Day by donating their salaries from Wednesday night's performance to Dress for Success, a global charity that supports women entering the workforce.

The cast is among the highest-paid on Broadway, where the minimum weekly salary is $1,900 and lead actors receive a $500 raise for Tony nominations — "Hamilton" won 11 of in 2016, Fortune reports.

Hamilton cast members also gain from the show's financial success due to a profit-sharing deal petitioned as the "billion-dollar," where threats to leave if demands weren't met led to what is known as "Broadway’s best deal."

The night's program reminded audience members that it was International Women's Day as well as Women’s History Month, by stating: "We thank all the women in this building for being here today and celebrating with us."

The cast concluded Wednesday night's show with female cast members bringing the female crew members on stage — who were all wearing red to honor A Day Without A Woman. They held hands and shouted, "Happy International Women's Day!" in unison.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/ Hamilton: An American Musical