Donate to the Harriet Tubman Home to #BringHarrietHome and Preserve Her Legacy

Donate to the Harriet Tubman Home to #BringHarrietHome and Preserve Her Legacy


Mar 14, 2017

A new historically significant campaign, #BringHarrietHome, is seeking to preserve Tubman's legacy and focuses around a single, newly discovered photo of her.

The campaign asks for donations to raise the money needed to be able to participate in the bidding war for the picture, which is scheduled to be auctioned at the auction house Swann Galleries in New York City on March 30.

"Of the 60,000 artifacts representing Harriet’s life and work that we house and cherish on our property here in Auburn, this photo would be the most significant acquisition of our collection, by far," Karen V. Hill, President & CEO of the Harriet Tubman Home, Inc said. "But with an auction house now involved in the sale of this photographic treasure, which is expected to fetch $20,000 - $30,000, we are painfully aware that there is a real dollars and cents cost attached to bringing Harriet home."

The crowdfunding effort seeks to rescue the photo of the "courageous abolitionist" and keep it in Harriet Tubman's home, a 32-acre historical site in Auburn, N.Y. that has been opened to the public for more than 50 years.

The young photo of Tubman that led to the campaign, was said to be found by a private citizen and was previously owned by Emily Howland, former friend and fellow abolitionist of Tubman. The photo is of Tubman in her 40s, which was rare considering she had to be careful not to have photographs of her taken due to the danger of bounty hunters. 

"Based on our excruciatingly limited resources, we simply don’t have the money to have a seat at this very high-priced auction table. So, we need the public's support to be there and to bring Harriet home, where she rightfully belongs," Hill said.

The Harriet Tubman Home hopes to protect her legacy as a woman who helped rescue nearly 70 enslaved black men and women, and guided 60-70 more to freedom using the Underground Railroad from 1850 to 1860.

Donate now to help preserve Tubman's legacy.

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Photo Credit: Reuters

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