Harvard students Michael Poku and Tara Hagan discuss gender equality

Harvard Business School students Tara Hagan and Michael Poku sat down with Kara Swisher to discuss Harvard's new Manbassador program and how it's changed the culture of the HBS student body.

When Hagan and other students interviewed HBS students, they found that the male students’ views on gender equality were sharply influenced by the female students in their class. The more men saw women excel in class and hold leadership positions in the school, the more gender equality became a priority for them. The research also found that a majority of the men surveyed really wanted to be active in supporting gender equality, but simply weren’t sure how to do it. 

Today, there are about 200 Manbassadors at HBS. The program gives an outlet to men who are interested in getting involved, and around 18–20% of the men at HBS are a part of it. As Hagan said, "What surprised me was just how powerful it is when you see men talking about why they care about gender equality." When asked why he's so passionate about the Manbassador program, Michael Poku said, "Since when do we have to build a business case to do the right thing?"