Helly Luv Shares Her Secret Weapon Against ISIS

Born in Iran, Kurdish humanitarian Helly Luv battles ISIS in a different way — through music.

In many cases, music is used as a form of emotional expression and endearment. For Luv, the music she creates is powerful and her lyrics are way of survival.

According to Global Citizen, Luv's father once fought for the group who were on the frontlines of the war against ISIS — the Peshmerga. Because of her father's courage, the pop star decided to carry on his passion and legacy.

The war between Syria and Iraq has occurred for countless years and this became the inspiration of her popular single, "Revolution." She filmed the video near a place called Mosul, which is the location of one of the most momentous defeats and victories against ISIS.

Luv's songs are used as a platform to help outsiders understand what's really happening, since few people take the time to learn about the misfortunes. Because of these radical tracks, she has received threats from ISIS but Luv is unbothered.  

In an interview with NBC News she said, "If my life is at risk but I can get the message to millions of people, then that is a privilege."

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Photo Credit: VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images