Hennas Bring Beauty to Women's Hair Loss

Hennas Bring Beauty to Women's Hair Loss


May 20, 2014

In an inspiring effort to handle hair loss, women wear regal crowns to move passed their pain and feel empowered.

Henna Heals, a Canadian non-profit, provides a stunning alternative to women who've lost their hair to accent their faces - crowns. The company, started in 2011, offers henna tattoos to women who are bald due to disease or treatment. Most clients have alopecia, an autoimmune disease that results in partial or complete hair loss, and others have lost their hair due to chemotherapy.

Jana Buhlmann, a Henna Heals client, told Huffington Post last week, "The application of the henna felt very therapeutic, not unlike having a massage. My sense of self was very strong afterward: I was compelled to take selfies until the stain faded."

While hair loss can be traumatic and sudden, clients say the hennas help them become more comfortable with their new look - that the hennas make them feel proud, empowered, and beautiful.

Photo Credits: Katerina Shaverova/Huffington Post

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