Here's How The Statue of Liberty Unintentionally Participated in A Day Without A Woman

Unintentionally, on Tuesday, March 7, the Statue of Liberty looked a little different than she does every other evening.

While Lady Liberty normally stands 305'1" from the ground to the tip of her torch, with a light shining upon her throughout the night, she became much dimmer on the eve of International Women's Day.

March 8, a day dedicated to standing with women in solidarity and empowering females around the world, also marked a Day Without A Woman. Encouraging women to call out of work (both paid and unpaid), wear red, and/or refrain from making purchases other than to support female and minority owned shops, this day quite literally was one without many women.

Among those women was the United States of America's most symbolic woman of all: the Statue of Liberty, and supporters were loving the timing of this unforeseen blackout (which was apparently "due to construction work on a new emergency backup generator.")

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Photo Credit: Randall Balsmeyer/Women's March/Twitter