With the Help From "Hidden Figures," More Girls Want to Be Like Katherine Johnson

With $22.8 million in ticket sales, the women of "Hidden Figures" were far from being overlooked in box office rankings.

The film — which tells the story about NASA's female African-American mathematicians — even beat "Rogue One," and is now spreading awareness about the need for more young, motivated women in science.

Black Girls Code, a nonprofit that brings programming and technology to African-American girls, is now working with 20th Century Fox to host film screenings in each city with the program's chapter, according to Fortune.

The girls of BGC even built a website inspired by one of the film's leads: mathematician, physicist and MAKER Katherine Johnson, played by Taraji P. Henson in the movie. The website features individualized stories of "Future Katherine Johnsons."

"Like Katherine Johnson, I want to have the strength to pursue my passions no matter what the odds are," said Alexandra, 14, on the website.

Although "Hidden Figures" didn't take home any Golden Globes at Sunday's award ceremony, it did receive two nominations, along with a message for young girls to continue the pursuit of math and sciences.

Watch Johnson's exclusive MAKERS story in the video player above.

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