Want to Make More Money? These Are the 25 Highest-Paying Jobs for Women

By Jillian Kramer

In a world where women make three-quarters of what their male peers take home, every penny counts. Each year, Forbes crunches U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine the top 25 best-paying jobs for women — and we say if you're looking for a career change, this list is a great place to start.

Forbes analyzed the median weekly earnings of full-time female workers last year to find the top-paying fields. (To make the list, the career must boast at least 50,000 workers, which eliminates some high-paying but small fields such as nurse anesthetist, for example). Each job offers a median weekly wages of at least $1,148 — which amounts to a yearly salary of about $60,000 or more.

The No. 1 paying position for women shouldn't come as a surprise: Female CEOs bring home the most bucks, earning a median of $1,836 each week and $95,472 each year. However, just 27 percent of chief executive positions were filled by women last year, Forbes reports. Last year, that top spot went to sales engineers, who could expect to make $134,472 each year, according to Forbes.

Pharmacists come in a solid second, with women in the field earning median weekly wages of $1,811 or $94,172 each year. Other healthcare positions show up on this list, too, including nurse practitioners and physical therapists. And in even more good news, these fields are dominated by women: At least half — if not more — of positions in each of these careers are filled by women.

Here is the complete list of the best-paying jobs for women and what you can expect to make each year in each position:

1. Chief Executive: $95,472
2. Pharmacist: $94,172
3. Lawyer: $89,284
4. Computer and Information Systems Manager: $81,267
5. Nurse Practitioner: $79,144
6. Engineer: $75,296
7. Software Developer: $73,580
8. Management Analyst: $70,096
9. Operations Research Analyst: $68,900
10. Computer Programmer: $67,704
11. Human Resources Manager: $66,248
12. Marketing and Sales Manager: $65,416
13. Computer Systems Analyst: $65,312
14. Education Administrator: $65,104
15. Market Analyst and Marketing Specialist: $64,428
16. Producer and Director: $64,168
17. Purchasing Manager: $63,752
18. Physical Therapist: $63,180
19. Manager: $63,076
20. Occupational Therapist: $62,348
21. Psychologist: $61,828
22. Financial Analyst: $60,892
23. Physical Scientist: $60,840
24. Medical and Health Services Manager: $60,112
25. Speech-Language Pathologist: $59,696

Unfortunately, Forbes doesn't offer a list of the highest-paying jobs for men. It did analyze the best-paying careers-at-large regardless of gender last year. Maybe the magazine will launch that list in 2017.

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