Highlights from The Huffington Post's Interview With Reverend Bernice King

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a man whose words and actions touched the lives of countless men and women for many generations. His courage and resilience made him a hero of the Civil Rights Movement, inspiring others and giving voice to millions.

Among the many people he empowered and gave voice to were his children. And in a recent interview by The Huffington Post, Bernice A. King, King's youngest daughter, opened up about how her father's teachings are still relevant today.

Here are three of Be A. King's best quotes from the interview about continuing her father's legacy:

• "Daddy taught us through his philosophy of nonviolence, which placed love at the centerpiece, that through that love we can turn enemies into friends... Through that love, we can create more dignified atmospheres."
• "[We must] recognize that we are not seeking to defeat and destroy people but we are really seeking to defeat injustice that's trying to keep us all separated and realize our commonality."
• "The greatest thing he taught us outside of the unconditional love and the organizing is that we are part of a global world and that we have to find a way to coexist and live like brothers and sisters. And that takes a lot of humility, it takes a lot of courage, a lot of understanding, and obviously a lot of love and forgiveness... These are the things I try to keep close to my heart on a daily basis and because this is the way I was raised. All of us have to be committed to a life beyond our own aspirations."

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