Sesame Street's New Hijabi Muppet Will Empower Girls Around the World

She's 6 years old, has multi-colored hair, dons a hijab, sports a school uniform, and is the newest addition to Afghanistan's "Sesame Street."

Her name actually means "shimmering" and the fact we're most excited about? She's a feminist.

We're excited about Zari and the important progress she can make for boys and girls in a nation with a poor record of advocating for women's rights. Zari will appear in every episode of the Afghan version of "Sesame Street" called "Baghch-e-Simsim," which translates to "Sesame Garden."

"It's a way of making sure we are not just teaching but we are modeling, which is very powerful," said Sherrie Westin, executive vice president of global impact and philanthropy for Sesame Workshop, in an interview.

She added that research has found positive role models for girls have also shaped the perceptions of boys. "We know children learn best when they can identify themselves with characters on the screen."

Zari is just the latest addition to a lineup of international muppets in Mexico, Germany, Bangladesh, Egypt, and many other nations.

We're thrilled to see Zari on screen and hope she continues to empower both girls and boys around the world.

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Photo Credit: NME/Twitter