Exclusive: Hillary Clinton On Her Biggest Political Regret and More

With just days until the Iowa caucuses, MAKER Hillary Clinton offered an exclusive interview with AOL.

On Tuesday night, she discussed everything from her greatest political regret, to her agenda's top priorities, to her thoughts on diversity among this year's Oscar nominations.

"I regret we didn't get health care back in 1993 or '94, because we'd really be much further down the road," she told AOL, explaining that her plan is to defend and improve healthcare.

Having been a champion of the Affordable Care Act, her top priority is improving incomes and producing good jobs for Americans, although she explained that that goal comes with a number of tasks.

"Because there's a lot we need to do in the country, we gotta make college affordable, we gotta student debt paid down, we've gotta make sure we get early childhood and paid family leave and raise the minimum wage, we have a lot of work to do, but it all really starts from just getting the economy to work again and that's my highest priority," Clinton said.

When it comes to the Oscars, Clinton urged the Academy "to really move as quickly as they can to make those changes" and she mentioned that diversity in nominations is long "overdue."

Watch the full exclusive sit-down interview above and learn more about her exclusive AOL interview here.

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