Hillary Clinton Proposes Debt-Free Tuition for Students at Public Colleges

Hillary Clinton is proposing debt-free tuition for students who attend public colleges and universities.

The new plan, named the "New College Compact," is estimated to cost $350 billion dollars over 10 years, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Under this new plan, the Wall Street Journal reports that states would have to increase their own spending on higher education, and universities would be required to control spending, although Clinton hasn't worked out the details yet.

Students wouldn't have to take out loans for tuition with the plan, but families would still have to contribute.

"Imagine what is possible in America if we tackle the runaway costs of higher education, make sure that students who start college can finish with a degree, and relieve the crushing burden of student debt," the Clinton campaign said according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal reports that student debt has tripled over the past decade to $1.2 trillion, and education-related debt is now the highest form of household credit outside of mortgages — surpassing even credit card debt. 

Learn more about Clinton's story in her MAKERS video above. 

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