5 Surprising Things We Learned From Hillary Clinton’s Facebook Q&A

By Amy Elisa Jackson

As the 16th Republican joined the race, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton settled into her position as Democrat front-runner during her first Facebook Q&A on Monday. The "ask me anything" style chat fielded thousands of questions from followers and press, yielding some very interesting responses from Clinton on a wide variety of topics from race to gender equality and even her beauty routine.

Here are some of the most memorable tidbits from Clinton's chat.

1. On her reaction to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who reportedly accused her of playing “the gender card” in her campaign:
"There is a gender card being played in this campaign. It’s played every time Republicans vote against giving women equal pay, deny families access to affordable child care or family leave, refuse to let women make decisions about their health or have access to free contraception. These aren't just women's issues, they are economic issues that drive growth and affect all Americans. Anyone who doesn’t get that doesn’t understand what our lives are like."

2. On racism and the "Black Lives Matter" movement:
"Black lives matter. Everyone in this country should stand firmly behind that. Black people across America still experience racism every day. Since this campaign started, I’ve been talking about the work we must do to address the systemic inequities that persist in education, in economic opportunity, in our justice system. But we have to do more than talk – we have to take action."

3. On the difficulty of juggling professional responsibilities with getting ready each morning and the "hair and makeup tax":
"Amen, sister – you’re preaching to the choir. It’s a daily challenge. I do the best I can – and as you may have noticed, some days are better than others!”

4. On her favorite outfit:
"I never met a pantsuit I didn’t love. Go to our website and you can get one of your own: http://hrc.io/1GwBgAM"

5. On being a grandmother:
(Note: Capitals are hers)

After answering a dozen or so questions, Clinton showed off her humorous side by posting this GIF from Saturday Night Live. Hilarious!


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Photo Credit: The Washington Post / Getty Images