Hillary Clinton in the White House in 2016 May Have Been Predicted By a 1996 Fashion Ad

If what's meant to be will be — and designer Kenneth Cole has anything to do with it — Hillary Clinton will win next week's presidential election. Let us explain: the brand actually predicted a female president twenty years ago in their 1996 advertisements. Look!

When we asked Cole what spurred his premonition, he told us, "It wasn't a prediction — more like a fantasy. We also suggested that by 2020, all sex would be safe and guns would only be in museums." (See that equally amazing ad, below.) He continued: "I'm a believer that, eventually, we will do the right thing. Women have been this country's most undervalued resource since it's inception." His political prediction for 2036? "We'll be driven to the polls in driver-less cars — or vote from our phones."

Cole's no stranger to a social or political conversation. In fact, his current ads feature models-slash-advocates like Lauren Wasser, a toxic shock syndrome survivor, RJ Mitte, a philanthropist with Cerebral Palsy, Liya Kebede, a maternal health advocate. And he partners with Rock The Vote to make charitable election swag every year. If you believe in juju, you might want to snap up one of those election tees for the 8th. "We're proud to have partnered with Rock The Vote to create a t-shirt with the slogan 'Stand up, show up, or shut up,' as well as our signature Kam sneaker, customized for the election. They would look great with Hillary's signature pantsuits!" Hear that, Hillary Clinton?

Oh, and here's to hoping this next ad comes true in 2020.

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Photo Credit: The Washington Post/Getty Images, Courtesy of Kenneth Cole via Glamour