The New Broadway Musical That's Making History for Women

An upcoming Broadway musical will make history for women.

The musical "Waitress" will become the first musical on Broadway to have an all-female creative team.

Traditionally, four people, consisting of a book writer, choreographer, composer, and a director, form a musical's creative team.

"Waitress" will be composed by Sara Bareilles, directed by Diane Paulus, choreographed by Lorin Latarro, and will be turned into a book by Jessie Nelson — thus making it the first of its kind on Broadway.

"It's a historic and long overdue moment for Broadway and I'm honored to be working alongside such passionate and inspiring women," Paulus told The Hollywood Reporter.

According to The Interval, a website trying to raise the media profile of women in theater, found that of the 11 new plays that made it to Broadway last season, only one was written by a woman and just four were directed by women. Only one of 10 new musicals was directed by a woman, and all five musical revivals were helmed by men.

The musical, which is an adaption of the 2007 film by the same name starring Kerri Russell, will take the stage in March of 2016. Its lead role will be played by Tony award-winning actress Jessie Muller.

The musical tells the story of a waitress, who is a pie maker living in a small town in an unhappy marriage. After an unexpected pregnancy, she fears that she will have to neglect her dream of opening her own pie shop. But with help, she gets the chance at chasing her dreams.

Previews of "Waitress" open at New York City's Brooks Atkinson Theatre on March 25, 2016.

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Photo Credit: Victoria Will/AP