Take Your Child To Work Day Actually Has Feminist Roots

Today, girls and boys across the nation are stepping into the workplaces of their parents.

But did you know the day is actually rooted in feminism? Take Your Child To Work Day originally started as Take Our Daughters To Work Day in 1993.

MAKER Gloria Steinem and the Ms. Foundation for Women initially founded the event with the intention of inspiring girls with confidence after reading research published by feminist psychologist Carol Gilligan on adolescent girls' loss of self-esteem.

Marie Wilson, former President of the Ms. Foundation for Women, reflected on the initial success of Take Our Daughters To Work Day in an interview.

"The effects were explosive," said Wilson. "First of all, the visibility of girls in the workplace, showed up the invisibility of adult women."

According to one report by the program's fourth year, five million girls around the world were participating. And by 2000 women made up nearly 47 percent of the American workforce.

In 2003, to foster inclusion for both girls and boys, the official title of the event changed from Take Your Daughters To Work Day to Take Your Daughters And Sons To Work Day. Today, the White House, along with 3.5 million workplaces nationwide, celebrate the event.

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