How Diverse Were the RNC and DNC?

After the Republican and Democratic National Conventions finished, it was hard not to step back and notice the difference between the individuals who appeared at each.

Aside from the audience members themselves, the delegates and speakers were far more diverse at the DNC than at the RNC, truly living up to what CEO Reverand Leah D. Daughtry said about it being "the most diverse and the most forward-looking convention that we've had in recent history."

Among this noted diversity was the strikingly obvious difference in the number of women present at both events.

"Hillary Clinton’s campaign told Fusion that 2,887 of this year’s 4,766 DNC delegates [were] women," making more than half of the DNC delegates female.

And while the total number of female delegates for the RNC remain unknown, the sum of female speakers from each convention also shows this disparity.

To put it into numbers, exactly 30 of the 60 individuals at the podium Monday night for the Democratic National Convention were female, which accounted for exactly "23 more women speakers the first night of the DNC than the first night of the RNC."

Despite improvement by the RNC to "give women more stage time than it did in 2012," it has proven to be much less diverse than the DNC.

And, with an opponent who made history as the first female presidential nominee, diversity is not an option.

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Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images