How Game Developer Alex Neonakis Is Changing the Gaming Industry's Gender Gap

Just 22 percent of game industry employees are women, ESA's account reports, and Alex Neonakis — an artist at the game development company, Naughty Dog — is creating a movement to change this.

Neonakis' efforts to close this gender gap began after she received rude Twitter messages. But rather than engage in the discussions, she decided to turn the negative commentary into a positive.

She acknowledged the low percentage of women in this Tweet: "I just donated to @GirlsMakeGames in honor of these lovely boys. Thanks guys!"

Girls Make Games is an organization that provides workshops and summer camps to young women who are interested in game development.

And then something amazing happened: other developers followed her lead.

Neil Druckman, director of Uncharted 4, tweeted: "I look forward to one of these girls replacing me."

"I had been putting aside some money to potentially start a scholarship fund of some sort," Neonakis said of her $500 donation. "I wasn't entirely sure how to go about that. This felt like the right time to use it."

And more kept joining:

Learn more about Girls Make Games and help change the gaming industry's gender gap.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/ Girls Make Games