This Is How Much the Pay Gap Costs African American Women Per Year

We know about Equal Pay Day, but did you know that Wednesday, August 23, is African American Women's Equal Pay Day?

This is the day in the year when black women finally catch up to white men's pay from the last year. Pretty astonishing, right?

That's nearly eight more months to earn what white man earned by last December 31. This means that the pay gap costs black women $877,480 a year and this does not discriminate when it comes to industry or position.

Tracy Sturdivant wrote in an op-ed for Ebony, "For a long time, public officials have downplayed the reality the same way they’ve downplayed the reality of the pay gap for women generally, by focusing on women's 'career choices.' But this is a smokescreen. The truth is that work done by women is valued less than work done by men, and work done by women of color is devalued even further."

Read more about it here.

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