How to Make More Money: The MAKERS Guide

How to Make More Money: The MAKERS Guide


Feb 7, 2018

Money is power. And ladies, it's time to level the playing field.

—Sallie Krawcheck, CEO, Ellevest

That's where MAKERS Money comes in.

Hosted by co-Founder and CEO of Ellevest Sallie Krawcheck, MAKERS Money is a new weekly digital series produced by MAKERS and Yahoo Finance that will show women how to achieve one goal: "To live the most badass life possible."

"Money evens the playing fields for us as women. Money is knowledge, money is confidence, money is freedom, money is take this job and shove it. And ladies, we don't have as much money as the guys do," says Krawcheck, who announced the launch of the new series at the 2018 MAKERS Conference.

Krawcheck will help women learn how to invest, ask for a raise, save for retirement and manage your career. She will also shatter myths surrounding women and money, such as the idea that we aren't as good at investing as guys. (Spoiler alert: We're better.)

As a MAKER, Krawcheck has blazed a trail on Wall Street, navigating her way through the male dominated banking industry and climbing the ranks to CEO of Citigroup's Smith Barney, for which she was named to Time's 2002 list of Global Influentials and Fortune's Most Influential Person Under the Age of 40. She also wrote a bestseller, Own It: The Power of Women at Work.

Tune in starting Feb. 8 at 6:00 PM EST on MAKERS and Yahoo Finance and get ready to play the game—and win.

MAKERS Money is created and produced by MAKERS and Yahoo Finance. Executive producers include: Nancy Armstrong, Kevin Chupka, and Sallie Krawcheck.

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