Yes, Women Can Create a More Peaceful Society


Nov 17, 2015

Yes, Women Can Create a More Peaceful Society

According to The Guardian, research shows that involving women in peace building increases the probability that violence will end by 24 percent.

Laurel Stone, an MA candidate at the John C. Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations, recently conducted research analyzing female peacemaking and found that women do have an important role in the peace process.

"Women are essential because they bring a more comprehensive peace plan to the negotiating table by addressing societal needs rather than solely focusing on what will make the warring parties happy."

But while women have a vital role on the impact on peace, there is some restriction.

Women local to a conflict play a more vital role in a lasting peace agreement than women outside of the conflict.

By implementing gender quotas for national legislatures, the probability of violence ending within five years could be increased by 27 percent.

"Only by creating more inclusive policies inviting the participation of women can the UN and governments understand the vital role women carry," Stone said. "Building quality representation in local female leadership may be the key ingredient to a peaceful society as women are empowered to transform conflict."

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Photo Credit: Dougal Waters via Getty Images

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